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Our immigration services


GMTCanada International will complete the necessary steps for you to obtain your temporary residence permit as a worker.

Every year, more than 90 000 foreigners come to work temporarily in Canada in fields where there is a shortage of skilled labor. Whether in Quebec or in another Canadian province, the steps to obtain a temporary work visa must include an offer of work from a Canadian employer. The work offer is then validated by the Canadian Human Resources Department (CHRD), which will ensure that the arrival of these workers will contribute to the economic growth of Canada and will create work opportunities for Canadians seeking work.

After the validation of such an offer by the CHRD, the applicant must request The Quebec Certificate of Acceptance from the Quebec Government then he must request a work permit from the Canadian embassy in the country of residency. GMTCanada International will take care of your welcoming to Canada and will help you find proper accommodations.